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Mayan Jungle, Guatemala

May 22-28 2023



Are you ready to transform every area in your life, supported by the powerful energy of this magical Mayan Jungle in Guatemala.  Supported by the Divine and all our ancestors that walked this land before us?  

        Join Karla, a native Guatemalan, along with local Mayan teachers, while they take you into the jungle of Peten, the land of their Mayan ancestors for a lifetime experience.


In this retreat, you will be introduced to modern and ancient healing tools, along with plant medicine (3 kinds of plant medicine), activating and embodying the Jaguar energy, which invites you to claim your inner power by awakening your inner core energy, bringing you back home to yourself, in a whole new way of healing and transformation, awakening your Mind, Body & Spirit.

During this experience, you will be guided through a transformative process that will assist you in connecting and embodying your most aligned and empowered self, guiding you into the root of trauma, and guiding you to release fully anything that no longer serves you, bringing you into a deep remembrance of who you truly are identifying and breaking blockages that have been stopping you to live the life you deserve. 

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