Extra Details: 

WEATHER: The weather in Atitlan counts with two primary seasons, the dry season and the lush green season. We will be arriving in the middle of a dry season which they call “Canicula” (Summer break) with temperatures between 60 and 85 degrees.


VISAS: US, Canadian and European Union citizens will receive a 90-day tourist visa upon entering with your country passport.  No preliminary arrangements are necessary. Please let us know if you are traveling from another region or check your visa requirements. 


COMMUNICATION: Wifi access may be purchased through your phone company or through the retreat center paying $20 per week. Check with your cell phone provider.

 PLEASE NOTE: We want this retreat to be available to those who really need it.

If you would love to join but need further payment options please contact Karla and/ or Kseniya to see what arrangements we can assist you with.

IMPORTANT: There are only 14 spaces available for this retreat.

If you feel called to come, please leave a $200 non-refundable (see it as concert tickets)*  deposit to insure you will be joining us.

*The deposit ($200) and fees for the retreat are not refundable or transferable (this includes special circumstances and pandemic) If you need to transfer this would be taken into consideration and would need previous approval from the retreat leaders and also the retreat center . Payment Plan Available with a small increase.

First Payment is  due 6 months before the retreat 

Second payment is due 3 months before the retreat 

And the remaining is due not later than two weeks before the retreat (May 26-29th 2021)


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Kseniya or Karla directly.

See you at Lake Atitlan!!!