Body Work and Movement 

Optional morning yoga or body movement will be offered as a peaceful way to awaken your body each day. This will be an all levels flow class, perfect for both first timers and for experienced yogis.


Everyone will have the opportunity to swim in the gorgeous lake, along with several other optional water activities if you feel called.


Silent walking meditations will be offered as well, as it is important to move our body in the process of healing and transformation. 

Emotional and Transformational Healing


Karla is a certified Transformational Coach and healer, she  will lead you through powerful, safe, confidential, and loving circles to identify what may be causing blocks in your life, in order to allow space for deep emotional healing and powerful transformation may occur.


You will get to the heart of negative limiting mindsets and rewrite new ones aligned with your most authentic self.


Kseniya, a Breathwork Facilitator & Energy Worker, will hold space for wherever you are on journey and assist in helping you remember your own innate power! Cacao will be offered in the healing sessions.