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Your Guide 

Karla Vergopia  is a modern Shamanic Practitioner sharing traditional teachings and modern healing tools.  She holds a major in Psychology, certified Transformational Life Coach, Mindfulness, Access Consciousness and other areas of transformation.


Karla is native from Guatemaya, she runs her healing practice guided by the divine and her Mayan ancestors. She was initiated as a Shaman in the Lake of Atitlan with the medicine of the Jaguar, which makes her a natural Shaman practitioner


HER story is a powerful example of self-love and resilience. She was introduced to this sacred work by seeking help for herself when she was fighting depression many years ago.  SHE embraces her truth by sharing her story and coming back home to claim the supernatural power that lives within her, sharing this powerful medicine with her clients. 

Through her healing practice, transformational coaching programs, 1:1 client, wellness workshops, ceremonies, and retreats, she has helped hundreds of men and women to stand tall as their most empowered and authentic selves to return home within themselves, with confidence and grace to become who they were created to be through her three pillars; Mind, Body & Soul.


In this retreat, Karla will lead you through powerful, safe, confidential, and loving circles to identify what may be causing blocks in your life, in order to allow space for deep emotional healing and powerful transformation may occur. Daily activities during the retreat to allow the energy to flow in your healing process.


She will take you to the root of trauma, negative and limiting beliefs, restoring your mindset, and rewriting new stories aligned with your most authentic self, through plant medicine, shamanic journeys, Transformational Coaching, along with fun adventures in the jungle of Peten, Guatemaya, as well as the medicine from her Mayan teachers. 

You will be able to come back home to yourself at the end of this retreat.  You will also be offered with a phone session with Karla to help the integration of this powerful medicine. 


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