Retreat Intention 

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Our intention is to assist you with a transformational process while allowing you ample time for relaxation & integration. We will help  you in breaking free from negative beliefs, stories and patterns that may have been causing blockages in your life & embark on a healing journey of connection to your most empowered self.


This retreat will give you the opportunity to return to your life feeling renewed and empowered.  There will be transformational practices and activations each day, with special group sessions offered by Karla Vergopia who is a Transformational Coach and Healer. 


We will focus on slowing down & savoring each moment in life, relaxing our bodies & minds while also taking a look at our inner landscape. We will also be practicing the powerful modality of Breathwork with Kseniya. Breathwork has been known to assist with releasing anything no longer serving you while calling in what your soul desires. No prior meditation or energy work experience is necessary for either activity. 

You will have the opportunity to step out of your current lives and surrender into a space of trust and magic through a powerful process to deepen our relationship with Mother Earth. This retreat will remind you of the importance of connecting with nature, as it is a direct and beautiful connection with your divine feminine power.


You will be able to experience this through walks around the villages of the lake, workshops and sacred Ceremonies. We will hold safe & sacred space for all that will be joining us on this adventure!