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Retreat Intention 

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My intention is to assist you to connect with yourself in a higher level, like you have never had before, to guide you to the powerful energy of the Guatemayan jungle, taking you to deep dive into your transformational process, followed by relaxation, integration and celebration. My mission is to help you heal yourself, so you can help your lineage to heal, and release anything that has been holding you back possibly for generations and creating space to cultivate a new belief system, a new way of living, that will support you in moving forward in life to embark on a healing journey of connection to your most empowered self. 


What you can expect:  

  • Transformational practices each day, with special group sessions

  • Safe explorations with EXPERIENCED and local guides in some parts of the jungle to take us to the park of Tikal, exploring the Maya temples where we will be offered a Mayan Fire Ceremony to release what no longer serve us and call in what is ready for us to receive. 

  • Body movement,  meditations, healing sessions, ceremonies and so much more led by Karla and local Mayan Teachers and healers. 

  • Open up the heart with plant medicine and alignment of all chakras with different tools. 


No prior meditation or energy work experience is necessary for either activity. 

Whether you're a seasonal traveler or a first-time overseas explorer, you will feel fully comfortable, safe, and excited with the accommodations offered in this retreat.

All you need to do is answer the call!

You will be offered the opportunity to surrender into a space of trust and magic through a powerful process to deepen your relationship with Mother Earth, and connect deeply with your higher self, the energy of the powerful Mayan jungle, jaguar energy, and plant medicine, which brings alignment between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and brings clarity to see our paths beyond chaos, feeling safe in the darkness and walking into the unknown with confidence, trusting the divine and yourself.  The energy of The Jaguar is known as the gate keeper of the unknown and will be guiding us throughout this powerful journey. 

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