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Who is this retreat for? 

  • This retreat is for you, the one that is feeling the call for a new level of healing, and transformation.

  • If you are feeling called to experience healing with the power of the Mayan jungle, Mayan elders, ancient wisdom, and plant medicine in the land of Guatemala. 

  • You have been trying to manifest a different reality in your life, but nothing seems to be working yet. 

  • You know the importance of your emotional and spiritual wellbeing but need guidance to balance these areas in your life.

  • You are ready to connect and activate codes of prosperity, and abundance.

  • Whether you’ve been on a spiritual and personal development journey for years and want to dive deeper, or just now getting started - this retreat is for you! 

  • You are craving time for yourself to be nourished, supported, listened to, and create an intimate relationship with yourself. 

  • If you have been feeling stuck, blocked or lost, and want to reconnect with your highest self and vision… This retreat is for you.

  • Or if you are thriving in life and desire to deepen your connection with nature, and your most authentic and empowered self.

  • I am excited to hold this vision with you, to manifest and create the life you are meant to live. 

  • If you feel the call in your heart, come as you are. 

  • Trust, this retreat is for you!

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