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Image by Hector Pineda


Tours and Activities 

This retreat includes three-day trips to some of the most iconic and historic places in Peten, Guatemala.


  • It will be an included Day Trip tour to visit the Mayan ruins in Tikal, where we will be exploring and learning about the story of this magical Mayan heritage, to eventually sit in ceremony where all our Mayan ancestors used to have their own ceremony.

  • We will also be visiting Crater Azul (Blue Crater) which is a natural sanctuary where we will have a meditation and will be able to enjoy freely.

  • Yaxha is a Mesoamerican archaeological site, a former ceremonial center and city of the Maya civilization, a local Guatemalan village which will also be another place that will hold us in ceremony to release what no longer serves us and call in what is ready for us to receive. 

Meditation and Ceremonies 

We will begin each day with free body movement, and a short morning meditation either in the morning or in the evening to get us centered for the day. 


We will be participating in some powerful Indigenous Mayan Fire Ceremony led by local Mayan teachers; this ritual includes foundational teachings about the Mayan calendar day count and the co-creation of the sacred fire. In the age-old custom, you’ll use cacao, candles, cinnamon, myrrh, copal (tree resin) and the appropriate herbs to honor the energies of each day in the Mayan calendar. 

We will have a sitting with each plant medicine in the last days of our journey, and the last days will be used for integration exploring the rest of this powerful Mayan land. 


Every day will be full of adventures, healing and connection with yourself and mother earth.

Nourishment and Food


This retreat offers complimentary daily nourishing meals, there are also vegan & gluten free options in every meal & chicken or fish upon request. You will have access to unlimited, complimentary herbal tea, organic Guatemalan coffee and purified water as well.

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